RiboNucleoProtein Complex: novelties and future challenges

Salle de conférence Léon Hirth

StrasRNA Salon Workshop

Le salon StrasRNA réunira de jeunes scientifiques travaillant sur l’ARN issus de trois instituts (IBMP, IBMC et GMGM), ainsi que deux orateurs principaux, le phytotechnicien Sascha Laubinger, de l’Université d’Oldenburg, et Marat Yusupov de l’IGBMC.

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Au programme

9:00                Welcome
9: 15                Keynote 1, Sascha Laubinger, University of Oldenburg – SERRATE and the U1 snRNP : functions beyond splicing ?!
10:00              Louis Valentin Méteignier  (IBMP)-  An mTERF protein regulates the transcription of specific chloroplast genes in Arabidopsis
10:20              Coffee break
10:50              Marlène Shiaffini (IBMP) – Characterization of a novel DCP1-associated NYN domain endoribonuclease
11:10               Mathieu Bruggemann (IBMP) – Protein Only RNase P (PRORP) proteins mode of action, functions and future biotechnological approaches
11:30               Paula Lopez  (IBMC-ARN)- Regulation of alphavirus infection by miR-124
11:50               Lunch, posters and discussion
13:45               Keynote 2 : Marat Yusupov, IGBMC, Strasbourg – X-ray crystallography for ribosome structure and function study.
14 :30             José Jaramillo (IBMC-M3I)Biochemical and structural study of the tRNA   import machinery in Plasmodium
14 :50             Antinea Babarit (IBMC-M3I)  – Dissecting the control of Dengue and Zika viruses by the dsRNA binding protein Loqs2 in Aedes aegypti
15 :20             Claire Rousseau – Antiviral immunity in Drosophila melanogaster: Identification of Dicer-2 interactants during viral infection
15 :40             Alexander Smirnov (GMGM)  – YBEY , an essential assembly factor for mitochondrial ribosomes
16:00              Coffee break
16 :20             Round table « Future challenges”
17:20              Awards (best poster, best presentation) – End of the workshop