Specificity and Cross-Talk of Plastid Redox Systems: Balancing ROS, Repair and Regulation

salle de séminaires Léon Hirth - 9h15

Prof. Stefanie MÜLLER-SCHÜSSELE, Molecular Botany, RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, Allemagne, invitée par J. Gualberto

In compartmented cells, membranes constitute boundaries for local redox environments. However, redox states of compartments can be interlinked, especially during oxidative or reductive stress. Local ROS (Reactive Oxygen Levels) depend on the balance between ROS-generation and ROS-scavenging. This talk will give an overview of plastid redox system functions and evolution, with a focus on glutathione-dependent redox cascades. Using genetically encoded redox sensors, we investigate how defects in redox cascades influence local ROS-scavenging, the repair of ROS-induced protein modifications and metabolic regulation.