A new Research Consortium of the INSB

The Research Consortium on Plants Epigenetic Mechanisms (GDR EPIPLANT) was created on January 1rst 2019, for a period of 5 years. IBMP is one of the pioneers of this project that aims at bringing together the knowledge and skills of 41 French research groups involved in the study of epigenetic mechanisms in plants.

With advances in molecular biology, genomics, and biotechnology, a new dimension our understanding of the mechanisms regulating the expression and transmission of genetic information has emerged. Indeed, changes in gene activity could take place without altering the DNA sequence. These changes transmitted during cell divisions, from one generation to another, can also be reversible and are at the basis of so-called epigenetic phenomena.

The way of life, the phenotypic plasticity and the great ecological diversity of photosynthetic organisms make them models of choice to decipher the ins and outs of epigenetic mechanisms.

The GDR EPIPLANT is organized around 3  axes of research



– Dynamics of chromatin
– Functions of non-coding RNAs
– Transgenerational epigenetic variations





EPIPLANT aims at

– fostering the emergence of synergistic interactions between research groups
– strengthening the visibility of this community at national and international level
– promoting and supporting epigenetics in photosynthetic organisms in biological sciences
– disseminating discoveries and knowledge to our peers and the general public