Master’s degrees

Master’s degree Life and Health

About twenty students are welcomed for their internship to obtain a diploma of Master’s degree “Life and Health”. The diploma of Master’s degree “Life and Health” joins within the framework of the offer of DML training of the University of Strasbourg.
The internship concerns all the students entering the second year of Master’s degree. He addresses the students of the University of Strasbourg or of other universities after agreement of the teaching staff of the Master’s degree and the laboratory of welcome. The realization of the internship of Master’s degree in the IBMP does not involve necessarily deep knowledge in plant biology.

Master’s degree Life and Health:

  • Plant, molecular biology and biotechnologies (contact: Etienne Herzog – website)
  • Plant, bioactive molecules and valorization (contact: Rozenn Ménard – website)
  • Plant, environment and ecological engineering (website)
  • Virology (contact: Maria Dimitrova – contact)
  • Microbiology (contact: Florence Ploetze – website)
  • Biology and molecular genetic (contact: Anne-Marie Duchêne – website)

More information is available on the website of the University of Strasbourg or the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Master 2 traineeship offers:

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