The IBMP is strongly committed to a lasting partnership with many national, European and international, public and private actors.
The IBMP maintains privileged links with Inrae and with its Swiss and German partners.

The IBMP participates in two Laboratories of Excellence (LabEx):
the LabEx MitoCross which includes 3 IBMP teams
the LabEx NetRNA which includes 3 other teams.

Many projects developed at IBMP are supported by the National Research Agency.

Widely open to the international market, the IBMP participates in numerous programs (INTERREG, Human Frontier Science Program) and collaborative networks (ITN and Cost Actions). In addition, two International Associated Laboratories (LIA) have been established; one with China, the other with Brazil.
A major player in the field of plant research, the IBMP enjoys strong international appeal. Since its creation in 1988, the IBMP has welcomed staff of 44 different nationalities.

In parallel with its fundamental research activity, the IBMP pays particular attention to supporting industrial activity. Listening to the needs of private partners in the face of economic and societal challenges, the IBMP promotes access to the scientific equipment of its platforms and tries, with its partners, to provide innovative responses, to develop new technologies or to characterize new products.
The IBMP and Plant Advanced Technologies have jointly created the TerpFactory Joint Laboratory dedicated to metabolic engineering.
The CleanStem Joint Laboratory between the IBMP and the wine nursery Mercier aims to fight against viral diseases of the vine.
The IBMP hosts the Start-up Serendip Innovations.