Science for all

The IBMP has been a participant in the Fête de la Science for many years, within its walls, at the Palais Universitaire or in other places (at the Vaisseau or at the Vill’A).

IBMP scientists go to high schools to give lectures or participate in declics operations. Its doctoral students meet Alsatian high school students as part of the OpenLAB or Kids University programmes.

MT180 | To make you discover  in 3 minutes their 3 years thesis, this is the challenge taken up by :
Valentin Marquis in 2020
Léna Coudray and Anne Cousin in 2022

IBMP regularly welcomes classes from secondary schools and high schools. These visits are an opportunity to present the diversity of the research professions, to visit a research unit with its laboratories and platforms, to take part in workshops and to talk with IBMP researchers, engineers and technicians.

Every year, about ten schoolchildren do their discovery training in an IBMP team.

Science festival 2018

Espace “Etonnant vivant”

with 17 laboratories from CNRS

Science mediation sites:

Jardin des Sciences

Zeste de Science