Welcome to the Institute for plant molecular biology (IBMP)

The IBMP is a prominent CNRS center for plant science. Located on the Strasbourg site, it is in deep interaction with the University of Strasbourg as well as with international partners of the upper Rhine valley region.

IBMP comprises over 180 members shared between research teams, technology platforms, technical facilities and support services.
IBMP main mission is to perform fundamental research in a diversity of plant science areas including gene expression and RNA regulation, plant metabolism, organelles and virology. IBMP research is essentially pluri-disciplinary as it relies on a combination of complementary approaches such as innovative genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, metabolic biology, bioinformatics, metabolomics, imaging and structural biology.
Beyond basic research, IBMP is deeply involved in teaching, in outreach and dissemination actions as well as in providing technology innovations that are exploited in cooperation with non-academic partners.

Our fundamental research contributes to the creation of knowledge leading to a better understanding of the functioning of photosynthetic organisms. Integrating this level of understanding into all projects developed at IBMP and beyond is essential to address major societal challenges, including food security, sustainable energy and the development of numerous applications for health or green chemistry. In this context, the IBMP’s overall strategy is to be at the forefront of science in the major areas of research for which we have acquired international visibility

IBMP makes a vibrant multidisciplinary center of excellence for plant sciences, that takes full part in addressing societal concerns and understanding how plants can adapt to a changing environment.

Philippe Giegé, Director