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Inauguration of Imaging Equipment: Mass Spectrometer & Electron Microscope

Two equipments dedicated to three-dimensional imaging  enrich Strasbourg with resources in the field of  metabolomic analysis and cellular imaging.

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Camel cures for ailing grapevines

Small antibodies, also called nanobodies, isolated from camels  have demonstrated their unique ability to  neutralize the Grapevine fanleaf degeneration virus.

Solarix, par dessus le toit

Arrival of the mass spectrometer Solarix FTMS

July 18th, 2016, Solarix, a unique equipment in the region “Grand Est”, integrates the metabolomic platform of  IBMP.

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The researchers make the children dream

On May 25th, 2016, the IBMP welcomed the young patients of the Hospital Robert Debré.

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Inauguration of the extension and the new equipments of the IBMP.

September 28-29th, 2015

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Conception of educational tools

A collaboration between the IBMP and the Jeulin company.

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TerpFactory LabCom

A new public- private partnership  between the IBMP and the Plant Advanced SA company.

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