Team leaders

| Patrick ACHARD > Gibberellins and adaptation to environment

| Todd BLEVINS > Mechanisms of small RNA biogenesis and action

| Marie-Edith CHABOUTÉ  > Stress signaling to the nucleus

| Dominique GAGLIARDI and Hélène ZUBER > RNA degradation

| Emmanuel GAQUEREL > Evolution and diversity of plant metabolism

| Pascal GENSCHIK > Role of ubiquitin in cellular regulation

| Philippe GIEGÉ > Functions of PPR proteins

| Stefan GROB > ATIP-Avenir team | Nuclear defense and 3D genome folding

| José Manuel GUALBERTO
> Maintenance and segregation of the mitochondrial genome

| Kamel HAMMANI > Chloroplast genetic acclimation

| Manfred HEINLEIN
> Plant virus interactions during viral cell-to-cell movement

| Laurence MARÉCHAL-DROUARD and Anne-Marie DUCHÊNE
> Metabolism and trafficking of RNA within the plant cell

> Biology and biotechnology of grapevine viruses

| Lyubov RYABOVA
> TOR signalling control in plant translation

| Wen Hui SHEN and Jean MOLINIER
> Plant epigenetic regulation and inheritance

| Hubert SCHALLER > Plant isoprenoid biology

| Véronique ZIEGLER-GRAFF and David GILMER
> Ins and outs of viral infection in plants