Marie-Edith CHABOUTE has been awarded a program grant from the HFSP 2018

HFSP’s collaborative Research Grants are given for a broad range of projects under the umbrella theme “Complex mechanisms of living organisms”. The program funds only cutting-edge, risky projects and it is the only international program that funds teams of scientists globally “without borders”.

Among the 23 winning teams of the 2018 competition for the Research Grants, Marie-Edith Chabouté from IBMP  and her colleagues Atef Asnacios  (France), Henrik Jönsson (United Kingdom), and Kentaro Tamura (Japan) intend to analyze the contribution of mechanotransduction to developmental processes. Using a systems biology approach and an interdisciplinary network, this international team will investigate how mechanical cues affecting cellular shaping are sensed at the nuclear envelope to drive chromatin remodeling in Arabidopsis. The aim of the international team is to combine micro-mechanical measurements, real-time fluorescence microscopy, biochemical analyzes and numerical simulations to give rise to the first integrated model of root hair growth under the combined effect of genetics and constraints generated during growth.

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